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Expert Communications operate the two teleports with backbone in Nairobi, London, USA & in Juba we have our Fiber Optic HUB, Expert Communications monitors and services all earth station facilities and RF subsystems. It is guaranteed 99.99% availability for overall performance of each individual RF uplink from this teleport site.


Expert Communications has its teleport backbone in Nairobi, Germany, London & USA which has first class terrestrial connectivity offering redundant connections to international fiber-optic networks and the global IP- Backbones. The leased line and Ethernet services are end-to-end services based on connection that provides constant committed availability of capacity on a transmission path between a customer’s specified location and the teleport.
We have fiber Internet connectivity to support the services over its own IP backbone in Nairobi, London & USA one of the most important internet peering points assuring the best possible service.


Our staff are highly experienced as most of them have been active in satellite communications field for more than 10 years. Our key engineers have hands-on NGOs and private sector background employing satellite systems worldwide under the worst conditions. Expert has staffs in Juba South Sudan for both Fiber Optic and VSAT support and Sales. Our Juba office has six (6) advanced technicians who are experienced in VSAT solutions and are always available to go to sites for installation, support, and maintenance all over South Sudan. Not forgetting their ICT support technics that are always advantageous to our clients as we offer freely when need be in case, we are called upon.


The most crucial element for the Internet service is the 24/7/365 free support. Expert Communications has been in ICT services since 2017, so is geared to deal with this. The local team can be on Juba site within half hour. Support calls can be made by the client directly to the 24/7/365 NOC who manages. the overall network and communicates with their colleagues in different countries.

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